Thank you for expressing your interest in becoming a volunteer at the Kampala Children's Center! We are thrilled that you are considering joining our team and contributing your time and skills to make a positive impact in the lives of children. At Kampala Children's Center, we believe in the power of volunteers to create meaningful change, and your willingness to be a part of this journey is truly appreciated. Your dedication to making a difference is what makes our community stronger.

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About Kampala Children’s Centre

Giving the best to the least.”

At Kampala Children’s Centre, we’re a children’s home and education centre. We offer hope and a future. Our mission is to assist Uganda's vulnerable, underprivileged children and young adults with a loving home, social support, education, health care and skills. Thank you for your support and for being part of our journey to create a lasting positive change
We offer children and young adults a loving home, education, healthcare, and skills. .

KCC Campus (Destiny Hill)

- A large area of land which KCC owns and have been developing since 2005 for the benefit of the children and local community. Buildings now include12 homes, a kindergarten & primary school, secondary school, medical centre and offices. You may like to take a walk up to the campus hill top for fantastic views!


The most wonderful people in the world! Many of the children have been rescued from terrible situations. Coming to KCC has truly given them a “new hope” and a “new start”. This is an ongoing process with many ups and downs but we trust you will see children full of fun, life, faith and positive about the future


The most amazing people in the world! They see working at KCC as a calling rather than just a job. You'll find them welcoming, appreciative and happy to accomodate your culture. Please do encourage them as they work tirelessly for the children and benefactors of KCC.